The Wintergreen Police Department has a full-time Investigative Lieutenant. The investigator, who reports to the chief of police, works a majority of the more serious offenses, and is subject to being called out as needed. The investigator coordinates cases with each patrol officer, and efforts are made toward a team approach to solve crime. Being a small and diverse department, all officers are trained and involved in the investigation of criminal offenses.

The investigator and a selected patrol officer have received advanced training in the processing of crime scenes. All officers receive basic crime scene training in the police academy. Crime scene kits, to include digital cameras, are carried in all Wintergreen police vehicles. Officers attend various specialized courses throughout their career, which often include interviews and interrogations, search and seizure laws, tracking, fingerprinting, and modern trends in criminal behavior, to name a few.

The Wintergreen Police Department has become an active member of several regional organizations to help stay abreast of investigative techniques, criminal activity, crime prevention, and various tools and resources. These include but are not limited to: The Blue Ridge Area Investigators Group, Regional Organized Crime Information Center, and the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Academy.

The departmental personnel frequently work with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in order to effectively investigate crime and purse offenders. A few of these agencies include the Augusta and Nelson County Sheriffs’ Departments, Virginia State Police, National Park Service and Charlottesville FBI Office.

Although the crime rate in the Wintergreen community is relatively low, compared to other localities in Virginia, each officer is committed to doing their part in the successful prevention and resolution of criminal activity. With the understanding that not all crime is solvable, we strive to treat each victim and circumstance with the due diligence and respect they deserve. The good news is that our crime solve rate is consistently higher than the national average, and volatile crime remains minimal.

If you would like to report a crime within the Wintergreen community, please contact us. Dial 911 if you have an emergency or call our 24-hour Communications Center (gatehouse) at 434-325-1106. Please do not wait to report your complaints or suspicions, regardless of the seriousness or time of day. The sooner we can first respond and begin our investigation, the better the odds are of a successful outcome.