Police Programs at a Glance

House Check – A program whereby patrol officers check your home while you are not at Wintergreen for an extended period. Owners receive code numbers which are given to the gate officer to let the department know you are leaving for, or returning from, an extended stay.

Ski Equipment – A program designed to register all your ski equipment (serial numbers, make, model, etc.) with the police department. Should your equipment become lost or stolen, information to aid in the recovery and for input into the national crime files would be available. In approximately 95 percent of the cases, persons are unable to furnish this information for more positive identification or reporting purposes.

Operation ID – A program designed to record and mark any valuables you may have at your Wintergreen home. Pictures are also taken for your records should your home be destroyed by fire.

Ride-A-Long – A program which allows property owners, over the age of 18, the opportunity to ride-a-long with patrol officers or observe the gate and communications operations during a normal tour of duty. A chance to observe your department first-hand.

All of the above programs are offered to owners as a service at no cost. Any necessary forms or applications may be obtained by calling or stopping by the Police Department. Phone 434-325-8500. The police department patrols the Wintergreen community twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, ready to serve you.